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Welcome to the Software Integration and Certification Forum

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Please post questions and share your knowledge here about integrating third-party applications with SAP Software, about Interface Certification, Integration Services, Remote Access to SAP Test Systems (Developer Package) and our Certified for SAP NetWeaver (TM) or Powered by SAP NetWeaver (TM) Programs.

Enjoy, Mark.

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We are currently pursuing SAP Powered by NetWeaver Certification.

Our architecture involves

a J2EE webcontainer - a java Service, a COrba Service and a data base Service.

We plan to integrate the EP portal and Deploy the J2EE webcontainer on SAP NetWeaver. Can we keep the Java Service, Corba Service and Database Service outside the purview of the Certification

Pls Reply ASAP


Manoj Menon

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Hello Manoj,

how can I reach you via phone?

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Enterprise Portal -- iView Certification (EP-IVW)


My company would like to register our iView for certification, having gone through your iView Certification requirements(, we have the following question

1. Mandatory Criteria No 2.4 Branding Requirement - Personalization to a different style/theme.

As our application is a J2EE based (Servlet/EJB) deployed in SAP Web Application Server 6.40,

the URL iView to the application displays our html/jsp view of our application.

Dose changing the Style/Theme to Page containing our URL iView, should also change the style/theme of our application

user interface ?

Your kind assistance would be greatly appreciated.

For more information please refer to the scenario description below.

Scenario :

1. J2EE Application (EAR file) Deployed in SAP Web Application Server 6.40

2. URL iView created using Enterprise Portal 6.0 (SP3) to the application deployed in SAP Web Application Server 6.40.

URL iView points to url: http://localhost:50000/myapplication

3. Created a Page with the above-created URL iView.

4. Created a Portal Desktop with Page, Theme.

Dose changing Theme should change the html/jsp view of my application that is shown in URL iView?

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yes, when the user changes the theme of the portal your iView(s) have change as well. This is indeed a mandatory criteria of the certification scenario.

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I am currently involved in the process of finding out how our applications can be certified by SAP . We currently have our applications running on Oracle Database and using Tomcat /IIS for the Web Server .

For Cerification :

1. I downloaded the SAP WebAS 6.4 Preview version for Windows and have configured our J2EE applications to run on the SAP Web AS 6.4 connecting to our Oracle Database .

2 .I have deployed the applications using the Deploy Tool and making an EAR from our WAR file and have our applications running as : http://myserver:50000/max/

From the documents and the forums I came to an understanding the EP is not available for Oracle and only available for SQL Server 2000 and MSDE databases .

How do i proceed to create the IView and the corresponding pages since i dont have the EP available for download ?