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welcome message of ep

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I want to put the date in welcome message of ep, how could i do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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For NW04 In the Visual Admin goto server->services->UME Provider then change the value of ume.users.displaynme_template.

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Hi Dirk,

I have two parameters as ,.

What should I user for date ? Is there any standard variable that I can use.



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Hi Vivek,

If you want Date in Welcome Message then you can also try modifying your masthead accordingly.

Take the <b></b> file from <b>deployment/pcd</b> folder.

Rename this file to ur own namespace and remove the .bak extension. Import this new par into ur NDS and change the welcome message (in <b>PORTAL-INF/jsp/HeaderiView.jsp</b>) as you want.

The actual welcome message value is taken from properties files in <b>PORTAL-INF/private/classes/ headeriView_nls*.properties</b>

In this properties file the welcome message is taken from <b>WELCOME_CLAUSE=Welcome </b>

Hope it helps.

Good Luck!


Sai Krishna.

PS: Plz do assign points if it helps. ;-)</b>

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if we are talking about EP 5.0 you can change the header.asp file accordingly.