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Webservices in BO Data Integrator XI R2 - SOAP - calling batch job

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Question about Web Services and BO Data Integrator. I have created a Webservice adapter in the management console and added a Batch Job ("EPN_WDSL_Test").

In order to test the web service I opened a connection in Altova XMLSpy. I can connect to the URL of the web service (http://bntbo2:28080/diAdmin/servlet/webservices?ver=1.1&wsdlxml) where I can see the batch job "EPN_WDSL_Test".

However, when I try to launch the batch job ("Send request to server") I get the following error message:

<faultstring>Web Services sent the request to start batch job &apos;EPN_WDSL_Test&apos; 
on server &apos;&apos;. The Job Server refused the request with error: Connection timed out: 

What am I doing wrong, what did I miss?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check if the Job Server is running ot not

In the Management Console, click on Webservices it will display the Published Web Service Operations page, check the Repo name from which this Batch Job is published and check if that Repository is registered with a job server

Check for that job server if its running or not

try running the Job from Management Console on that job server, see if its successful

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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OK, I have done some tests with this.

Some successes:

The WebService must be configured as u201Cenable batch job attributesu201D ß This was not the case, I have corrected that.

When the WebService is correctly configured, then the SOAP request appears in XMLSpy with tag <job_server>String</job_server>

Then you must replace the word u201CStringu201D with the name of the Job Server. In this case: <job_server>JS_ict</job_server>.

This is Case sensitive !!! I tried 101 times with JS_ICT, BNTBO2, JS_ICT@BNTBO2, BNTBO2:3501, etc.

before I figured out that it must be JS_ict.

The counter in the Data Integrator Management Console increases for each successful request

The job gives a result back to XML Spy (or appears to do so)

Still to do:

Iu2019m not sure if the EPN_WDSL_Test job really gets executed: I donu2019t see a result,

I donu2019t see an entry in the job log filesu2026 this needs to be checked.

Edit: it appears the job doesn't get executed ??? The SOAP calls succeeds but no job execution ???

Edited by: Daniel Buvens on Nov 20, 2008 11:10 AM