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webservice:get data from SAP ECC

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i want webservice.that webservice will fetch the data from sap ecc system.

i need steps for creating webservice.i have some functionality .what can i expose as webservice.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can check with available webservices from http://host:port/wsnavigator

Check if those webservices will suit your requirement. Else choose a BAPI from ECC and expose that as webservice. If you are not aware of this, please contact some basis or ABAP person. They will help. You can then use this webserivce from your application.


Harini S

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Raj,

If we trying to fetch data from SAP ECC system then expsoing as a web service from NWDS (Netweaver Developer studio ) would the best option.First we need to create a Portal Service that invokes the functionalities of the SAP application component( Business solution which uses ECC) using the SAP Java Connector. Then you can create a Web Service from the Portal Service.

If your SAP application component runs on SAP Web Application Server (WebAS) 6.20 or later, then you can directly enable Web Services on the application component by using the application server's native Web Service capabilities.

1. To turn on the WebAS 6.20 SOAP Processor, you need to:

Configure the Internet Communication Framework (ICF) of the WebAS to start the Internet Communication Manager (ICM) and activate the HTTP protocol support

Use transaction SICF to activate the SOAP Runtime Handler: default_host -> sap -> bc -> soap -> rfc.

Once the SOAP Processor is turned on, the RFM-implemented Web Services can be invoked at http://<host_name>:<port_number>/sap/bc/soap/rfc

6.20 also provides a Web Service Browser, which is a BSP web application that can be used to browse all RFM-implemented Web Services in the system, and generate WSDLs for these Web Services.

2. In a WebAS 6.40-based SAP application component, such as SAP Enterprise Core Component (ECC) 5.0, or a WebAS 7.0-based application component, such as ECC 6.0, by default, few Web Services are pre-delivered by SAP. But it is pretty easy to create Web Services in a WebAS 6.40-based system.

Inside-Out Approach: if within the SAP application component there already exist one or several RFMs or BAPIs that suit your needs, you can create Web Services based on them without any additional programming. The basic steps include:

Using the Service Definition Wizard, which can be started from transaction SE80, SE37, or BAPI, to create a (Web) service definition from an RFM, a function group, or a BAPI.

When creating the service, you have the option to rename or hide operations (methods) and parameters, define default values for parameters, and changing parameter types.

After the service definition is created, you need to use transaction WSCONFIG to release the service definition for the SOAP runtime.

Afterwards, by using transaction WSADMIN, you can for any released Web Service, call the Web service homepage which provides utilities for using and testing the Web Service, generate WDSL, configure the logging and tracing settings, and publish the Web Service as a Business Service in an UDDI registry.

Hope these steps are helful to you.



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Refer Below Links Have Step By Step For Creating Webservice In SAP ECC.

After Creating Webservice,Go to Tcode WSADMIN. And Select your Webservice.And Test that Webservice

If You Have BW Query's Want to Expose As Webservice.Go through Below Lnik



SubbaRao Chinta