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Webservice/BAPI to create a Project (PS) based on a Project Templates

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i want to create Projects (in SAP ERP) based on Templates  using webservices.

In SAP ERP PS (TNC: CJ20N) the function is called "copy project" - Field: Standard Project Definition.

ProjectERPCreateRequestConfirmation_In_V1 does not provide this functionality.

Here i can only create completly new projects.

There is no potential input field for a project template (e.g.StdProjectID or else).

Does anybody know a Webservice or a BAPI with that function?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think you should create a composite BAPI which calls two bapis BAPI_BUS2001_GETDATA and BAPI_BUS2001_CREATE in the same order.

the first bapi would get the data of the project template and the second one would use this data (along with any additional parameters that can be passed in the import parameters if the composite BAPI).

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