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WebSAPConsole Installation Guide

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i would like install WebSAPConsole, for it i used

the 'WebSAPConsole Installation Guide (for SAP gui Version


i have installed and configured J2EE engine but nothing.. someone can me give clear explain, for start WebSAPConsole ??

i have try to use files meSync.ear and webconsole.ear (with *.jar files) but no result....

i m very new with SAP and mobile technologie , someone can help me or send me more recent install guide ??


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello there,

Where can I obtain information about WebSapConsole?

I apreciate your comments....


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Hi Lodo and Enrique,

First, WebSAPConsole and WebConsole are two different things altogether. I can say this very confidently because I had myself studied WebSAPConsole (though not worked on it) and currently working on WebConsole. I will clarify things just a bit more:

WebSAPConsole is a web based enhancement of SAPConsole. SAPConsole does not contain any business logic, external databases, or complex functionality. It simply and efficiently translates just about any SAPGUI screen of your ever-growing SAP R/3 system to its character-based equivalent. It is acts as a middleware between RF devices and R/3 Systems.

On the other hand WebConsole is a part of J2EE Stack on a Mobile Infrastructure (MI) Server which is used to deploy applications to and data to & from the MI Client devices which are PDAs, Laptops, etc.

Now for the question you asked; please search for ‘Web-Enabled SapConsole’ in and you will find the latest WebSAPConsole Installation Guide and also a WebSAPConsole User Guide under the ‘Documents’ tab. I think you will have to also apply a patch to get things going. I am sorry for not providing you with the exact link.

Enrique you can do the same for getting info about WebSAPConsole. However, I advice you to go through the documents related to SAPConsole first which will help making things easier for you.

Kindly let me know if you require any additional help.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks Wael to try to help me,

In fact i want to connect a reader codes bar has SAP while using WebSAPConsole.

I will test your council, i hope that will solve my problem.



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Hi Ludo,

First, if you are referring to the SAP Mobile Infrastructure Web Console then you don't need the SAP gui. Once you've installed the J2EE engine and ABAP stack you can access it through this URL:

http://<systemname>:<port number>/me

The port number by default is 50000, and system name is probably your computer name.

For future reference you can access installation guides from the Service marketplace ( or look for the documentation to learn how to configure and get the MI Server started.

Hope this helps,