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WebI reports: authentification for Web service as a data source

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I am using SBOP BI 4.0 Feature Pack 3 platform and the corresponding WebI Rich Client (14.0.3) to build reports based on generic Web service data sources. I am able to create WebI reports using Web services but there's a catch: WebI doesn’t allow to specify the authentication method for the Web service which means I have to disable the authentication in the Web service to run the query.

Note 1: I do not mean  "publishing existing WebI content as a Web service”! I am using a non-BOBJ Web service on a separate Netweaver Java system.

Note 2: To create the report I am suing: WebI Rich Client -> New Document ->"Choose a data source to create a new document"-> Web Services -> Ispecify the URL of my WSDL and chose the Service Details and Message Details... however, there is no option to specify the security/authentification details.

The online documentation is saying it is possible to specify authentication. However, I tried WebI Rich Clients for XI 3.1 SP2, BI 4.0 SP2, and BI 4.0 FP3. None of them is providing the described option to specify the authentication method. I am wondering if this feature is missing or if it’s a bug.

My question: How can I specify the authentication method. The goal is to use basic authentication, i.e. I want to pass the username and password for the Web service every time I run the report.



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You should have Input Message on web service selection screen. You should get authorization as your input. There, you should be able to enter user name and password. Are you able to see user & pass as input? Check if you can see it in Xcelsius. You might need to define user and password as input in your web service.

However, you are on ramp up of BO 4.0 feature pack 3. I recommend you open a ticket to SAP for this. They should provide you a solution.