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Webi Report ignores decimal values

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I have a report which takes data from a BI Infocube. I have BOE XI 3.1 installed on two systems. When I run this report on one system, the report works fine and numeric values are displayed along with decimal values ( ex 100.25). However the same report when executed in the other system ignores the decimal values (ex 100).

I check the preferred viewing locale in the preferences and it is set to default values in both the systems.

I have no clue what could have gone wrong.

Any inputs on this issue will be highly appreciated.


Rahul Mainkar

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Reopen this ticket for additional query

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I managed to find some solution for this issue.

This has to do with BOE itself. There is a bug in the Enterprise becuase of which this issue is coming up.

You can search SAP notes and you will find a work around.

A quick solution is to upgrade your BOE XI 3.1 to either Fix PAck 1.7 or SP2.

Hope this is helpful