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Webi Performance Issues on XI 4.0

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We're running XI 4.0 on a VM (Windows 2008 R2) and have serious performance issues opening Webi reports. The java Query Panel takes 30-40 seconds to open. Reports take 15 seconds to open. The same reports displayed no issues whatsoever on XI 3.1 SP 3 FP 3.5.

Could any of the following be the cause?

1. Running it on a VM (VMWare 4.5)

2. Using NAS for FRS?

Also, would it help at all if we were to install the CMS db on the BO server itself ? tnsping to Oracle for the CMS db returns in 0ms right now.

The environment we use is:

Dual Quad-core running at AMD Opetron 2.3Ghz with 32 GB of RAM on 3 servers.

Server 1: BOE full stack

Server 2: BOE full stack

Server 3: Explorer

BO XI 4.0 (build 565)

Windows 2008 R2 on VM

Oracle 11G 64 bit.

Tomcat 6

Java 1.6.29

I'd appreciate any help at all.

Thank you,


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BI4 requires 2+times resources compared to Xi3.1. Have you done a sizing exercise ?