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WEBI PDF report with Table of Content

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Hi Folks,

I did a bit of research around table of content with WEBI report however ended up reading that it is not possible.

Has someone really achieved print WEBI report in PDF with Table of Content(which helps in navigating)?

Thanks in advance.



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Answers (4)

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I have gotten into habit of using Webi tabs vs. pages in a tab.  When the PDF is created, the tabs become bookmarks.  In older versions of Reader, the bookmark view came up automatically.. it does not now.  The user has to turn it on. 


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I tried playing around Linking feature however ended up knowing that Table of Content in PDF report is not possible.

What is possible

1. Jumping to a report/tab

2. Jumping to a particular block of the report

3. Embedding the webi report block in a webpage ( This is out of context though )

Thanks for your valuable inputs folks.



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I haven't tried it till yet, but a rough idea would be to create a Table of Content manually as Niraj suggested and then make use of OpenDoc to jump to specific parts/section of the report.

I found this blog which might be useful if you are planning to create a TOC for the report:

Share the information if you are successful in creating it (probably a blog would help).

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Hello Tejas,

Table of content can be done only by hard coding only the number of pages. If you know how much data you have in report.

I don't think there's other way out.