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Webi #MULTIVALUE issue

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Two of  the columns is returning value  as #MULTIVALUE for certain rows in webi report .

I assume it's because the report is not able to handle multiple values for certain columns .

What could be the issue .

Any input will be helpful.(Let me know if further details required )

PFA Sample report output file (as sample report output was requested in my previous post ,which got  rejected ).



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Answers (2)

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Hello Prabin,

This is happening because against those First Name and Last Name you might have multiple Student Number and Library Number.

So in order to avoid this error there are two ways.

1. Either you should use some aggregate function so that for a specific First Name and Last Name whatever StudentNumber and LibraryNumber you will take a Max of it like below

Max([StudentNumber]) and Max([LibraryNumber]) but with this approach you may miss some data but looking at your layout you have to use the aggregate function because if you notice none of the names are repeated so I am assuming you just want to see any Student Number and Library Number associated with that First Name and Last Name let it be Max().

2. You need to include the Dimensions that are at lower level of Granularity in your report layout say like [StudentID] but this will affect your layout say for e.g. First name gkhyju and Last name jkyoph has 3 student Id's associated with it so you will get that First Name and Last name 3 times in your report.

Let me know if this helps.



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Try having a look at this thread, it should help: