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Webi 4.0 to SAP BW via MDX Conn

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I am currently using the new BI 4.0 and trying to connect to SAP BW via the classic MDX connection (built in Universe Design Tool).

Same Bex Query runs fine and also in Analyzer. I have even tested the same Bex Query using the new BICS connection and that also runs fine in WebI.

However using the identical Bex Query via MDX by placing a universe on top (UNV format), I can't run the same WebI report in LaunchPad.

  "Database error: The MDX query SELECT  { [Measures].[00O2TGT3JYK3V70AHQZH807P5] }  ON COLUMNS , NON EMPTY UNORDER( [0ACCOUNT                      INT X10BI].[LEVEL01].MEMBERS )  DIMENSION PROPERTIES MEMBER_CAPTION ON ROWS FROM [/X10/FIGLM01/TESTKL_FIGLM01_PL]  failed to execute with the error Error occurred when starting the parser: timeout during allocate / CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPCMRCV'. (IES 10901) (WIS 10901)"

Anyone know what I need to change to get this working. Keep in mind this used to work before, just trying to figure out what could trigger this error all the sudden. I read some forum post relating to librfc32.dll file not compatible but that doesn't sound right as it was working previously, don't believe there is any changes made to the system recently.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Query working in Bex Analyzer does not mean it should work in BO.  Check your BW system for librfc32.dll file and apply this SAP Note 1032461.

Are your getting this error with other universes as well? Did you change anything in the Query or on BW side? Check those also.

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Hi Zahid Yener,

I am not able to find file librfc32.dll from service market place.i am able to find librfc32u.dll.

Please advise.



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