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Webelements Tab menu implementation

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Hi All,

I am trying to implement the webelemts in the Crystal reports.

We have a requirement to have to two tabs in the report with cross tab each .

and the cross tab has paramters in it where we have to pass through URL.

As i am new to Webelements and crystal reports,

I would like to have your help in suggesting me.

I have some questions :

1) To impletement the Tabs in the report i saw that there are two Tab menus avaliable.

I have created the 2 crosstabs reports and 3rd Crystal report with tab menus .

I am trying to open these 2 crosstabs within the menu tab report which acts as a parent/ main crystal report

( is it possible ..? if yes how ..?)

Is there any good solution other than this . I am doing something wrong..?

2) is it good to use webelements in crystal report ( is there any licensing issue for commercial usage)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Sreeranjan

sorry for the delay in a response to your question.

instead of using a webelements tab menu, as you only have 2 target reports, you may wish to use 2 submit links at the top of your report.

have a look at the WESubmitMethods report that is in the download...this will help you in learning how to submit a url to an iframe that is contained on the same report.

the tab menu is good for when you have lots of targets in a hierarchy, but if you only have a couple of links, it's easier just to use a couple of hyperlinks.

there are no licensing issues as this is a free custom function library. there should also be no performance issues directly related to using the functions as the output is html.



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