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WebElements: Support planned for Crystal Reports for Enterprise?

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Hi Jamie

Currently only Crystal Reports 2011 is supported with WebElements 2.47. Is there a plan to support Crystal Reports for Enterprise in the future? Or are there technical obstacles which prohibit this "by design"?



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hi Raphael,

crystal reports for enterprise on bi 4.0 will not support webelements as it does not have support for custom functions. webelements is built with custom functions. there are most likely other limitations with crystal reports for enterprise that will disallow using webelements.

this should not really affect anyone that's using webelements unless they really want to use the new semantic layer / universe.

given that you could probably still build your reports that contain webelements with crystal reports 2011 and call anything built with cr for enterprise. the best practise for webelements is to create a container report with all of the webelements controls and then call the target in an iframe or in a new tab or window.