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WebDynpro, PDA Table Problem !!!

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Hello everybody

I did a Webdynpro application for PDA (Palm Treo 600). This application contains one table, but this don't enable to use the navigation buttons, therefore the user can't see the next data of the table.

If anybody know how fix this problem, please post reply. Any comment, suggestion and information will be very appreciated.


Simon Arancibia

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Answers (2)

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i Karin,

Thanks for the quickly answer, but i still have a few doubts...

First, if the problem is related with the OS and the explorer of PALM, since the OS used is PALM OS, and the explorer used is BLAZER.

Second, if the problem causing is related with any JAVA or JScript support necessary, or something similar that we need configure, modify or install.

All suggestions, ideas or explanations, all well will be received.

Best Regards

SImon Arancibia

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Hi Simon,

the problem is related to the device/browser combination. We have not enabled the UI elements in order to render the right format for Palm OS and its browsers.

We have enabled the Nokia Communicator with its Opera browser. It might be, that the UI elements can be (per accident) rendered on another device using an Opera browser too, but we can not guarantee this for future releases. The same with the WML browser for BlackBerry - the application could work on a Motorola phone e.g. using a WAP browser too, but not necessarily. So regarding your first doubt, the problem is related with the OS and the used browser. What you could try is to force the specific rendering on the html browser using the following url parrameter:

sap-wd-client=PieClient (usually for Pocket PC)

sap-wd-client=NokiaS80Client (usually for Nokia Series 80 devices, such as the Communicator)

I am not quite sure if available, but if the Palm uses WAP browsers too, you could try the url parameter for BlackBerry:


As I said, it could work, but does not have to be and we will not guarantee this neither for the current release nor for release to-be.

Second - it has rather nothing to do with Java or JavaScript support, since the other supported devices do have limitations on that too.

Does this help?

Best regards, Karin

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Hi Simon,

Unfortunately Palm is not officially supported. Some UI elements or parts of it might work on non-supported browsers and devices. But we can not ensure it.

If you want to find out supported browsers, devices and UI elements please check out the documentation:

Best regards,