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WebDynpro Call RFC, Handling with structures

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Hi together,

Does someone know where I can find examples showing me the handling of RFC - Exportparameters.

I've got succees handling tables with the webdynpro-TableControl.

But know I'm interested using the export-structure of a function module from R/3 in Java, filling automatically an


Please Help.

Special Thx to Armin Reichert, who helped me with Excel Problems.


Greetings Sascha

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sascha,

Go through the tutorial given in Help content of the Netweaver developer studio for Flight list bapi.

You can also see this tutorial at following link....



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Thx for your reply,

but this example I've already implemeted in my project.

I need an example for Data-Bindung of Structures from an FB and Input-Fields in my WebDynpro.

Greetings sb

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Just check this tutorial. transactions with bapis in web dynpro.pdf

where RFC structures are handled.

Hope this will help u.



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but I need an tutorial where I can find all 6 possibilities to handle a function module.

1. Export, scalar Parameter

2. Export, structure

3. Export, Tables

4. Import, scalar Parameter

5. Import, structure

6. Import, Tables

Does someone know, where I can fins a doku for all possib. ?

Thy a lot.

I'm a Java / WebDynpro Newbie, sorry about the stupid question.



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Hi Sascha,

There is no single example which will explain all the possibilities that you are asking for. There is a book called "Inside WebDynpro for Java". Its an excellent book for developers. It really gives you a good understanding of the concepts. In this book you have examples on how to handle RFC's.

Well if you require an example that really explains all the scenarios.

As far as i can see the Flight example is the best to start off with as a WebDynpro newbie. Its the same.

If you have any problem in a particular scenario, then you can post it and you will get good replies out here :).

Using the Flight example you will be covering almost all the scenarios. In case a scenario is not covered do post it here and we will be able to guide you.



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Thx for reply Ravi,

I just want to call a function module and put the export- parameter data in an input webdynpro-field.

Fb.structure.variable1 --> WebDynproField1

Fb.structure.variable2 --> WebDynproField2

I think I have all Data-Binding done correctly, but my Inputfield is grey.



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The inputField is grey since you have not created an element for that.

Suppose you need to pass values through a structure MyStructure to a BAPI MyBAPI;

Inside the MYBAPI_input node in your context you have node that is bound to the various input fields.

So in the wdinit() fo you component Controller do the following

MyBAPI_input input=new MyBAPI_input();


input.setMyStructure(new MyStructure);

There might be some variations in the names and the sytax.

Hope this would help you.

Do revert for further clarifications



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Thx to all of you.

I could solve my problem.

I just forgot to ".invalidate" the right node.




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