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Web User interface options por planing master data IP

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Hi Experts,

During IP planning some times we need to create master data entries for later being used in planning transaccional data, only master data no transaccional at that moment. Other scenario will be to hava a list of increments, say by cost center or functional area, to be later used by revaluation functions. In the later case I used to store the list of increments in a cube using manual planning, but a cube is not suitable for such a list because of its multidimensional nature makes it difficult to access the data from abap, i.e in the exit for global variables, an ODS will be better but, ods are not available for planning. For both scenarios I need a web interfaces that can be easly integrated in the portal.

So which technique (bsp, html, jsp, abap report only, etc) will be more suitable for this??. Whe must consider that master data tables and ods (for direct update) can be accessed easly from abap in BW, so my concern is mainly related to how to get the user interface integrated with the portal and how this user interface may use abap for accessing ods and master data tables (I belive we can embed abap within a BSP page, but not sure)

I really apreciate any light on this and the corresponding links to do further search on this matter

thank you

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You can use a web-dynpro application for creating the UIs for master data creation. This can be easily integrated into the portal.

You can save the entries entered in this screen into the DSO and later load from the DSO to subsequent data targets.