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WEB Templates & Consistency checks

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Hi all,

1. We created a cockpit using web application designer, works well, what we would like to do is move the WEB project to a BSP application. The problem I have is- how do I see the WEB templates I created using the web application designer in the BSP application..

Essentially, what is happening is that we hard code the urls in the web application designer but; when we move the objects along the transport path, the urls remain

a page could have " href="" on development and would be the same as we move it up to Quality and Prod...

I am thinking I will have to use an http class in the BSP app and return the source address and concatenate that with "1080/sap/bw/BEx?sap-language=&cmd=ldoc&TEMPLATE_ID=ZEXECOCKHP"...but if there is a way to drag and drop like the mime objects I am open for it...

Thanxs in advance

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if your BSP app is running on the same server, you should be able to adress the BW Web application without the server, ... for example: