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Web Service with SE37

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I'm creating a Web Service from SE37. After given the name of the Virtual Interface (ZUser), the name of the Web Service Definition (ZUser) and the package ($tmp) the system ask me to enter a REGISTER OBJECT for Object R3TR CLAS /1BCDWB/WSC0........


Wich object is it?

Do I need to register once?

Thank you for your help


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Joseph,

What have you called your Function Module? Its should be in the customer namespace, beginning with 'Z'.

This looks like the message you receive when you are changing a SAP Standard Object. SAP enforces change control on any SAP standard objects by forcing you to obtain an Object Key from them and enter it whenever you change a SAP standard object.

It looks like you are aware of the above, but I would double check that everything you are developing is in the customer namespace (Z) and that your Object Class is also in the customer namespace ($tmp should be Ok which is a bit confusing).

Hope this helps - please consider awarding points if it did.

Kind Regards,


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