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Web service system on ep 6 sp 16?

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Hi all,

we are using sap portal ep 6 sp16 . For creating the iview for the web service on the same j2ee engine what all setting in portal or on web application server are needed?

What are the parameters needed for creating system and iview for the web service ?

Thanking you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajendra,

For creating the system

First choose which template you are going to use, like R/3 Dedicated or load balancing etc. Set of templates are available under system Admninstration --> system configuration --> system landscape. Expand the Portal content and look for system template. Based on your R/3 system you have to choose the template.

When you create the system, First property to be filled is the connector property. Based on the system template you have choosen the connector property will vary.

Fill the properties like

R/3 system name

server port

system id


Then in the same system object you have to select ITS parameter from the drop down list.

FIll the properties

Then in the same system object select, the user management properties and fill the same

Then in the same system object select, the user mapping properties and fill the same.

For creating the iview

GO to Content Admin -> Portal content.

Expand the portal content folder and create your own folder.

Right click the folder and create iview. From the list of template available choose your template and proceed further.



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Thanks Arun,

Thanks for reply but i need the information especially for web service iview ?


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