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Web Service Scenario from Power Builder

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We are receiving SOAP message from a powerbuilder solution, the data type for SOAP sender has being defined on XI side and mapped to an Vendor_Get_Detail Bapi/RFC and the response is send back to SAP R/3 via XI back to Powerbuilder.

The request data type is defined as two field as string and when WSDL is tested from XML SPY for the sender SOAP service the Request message received is correct and stated below.

<ns0:Vendor_MT xmlns:ns0="urn:soap.test:Vendor">




When the powerbuilder soltion sends the SOAP Response,using the same WSDL, it sends a fully qualified XML(namespace) etc to send the message.

In the below example ns1 and s:type are added and thus the mapping fails as the Incoming Request does not correspond to the Message type defined in XI.

As the powerbuilder solution also uses the same WSDL what XML Spy uses and sends a fully qualified XML which creates a problem on XI side. If anyone of you can suggest what could be various suggestions to make it work from XI side. Even though we are looking to tweak the Request Message generated from Powerbuilder solution

ns0:Vendor_MT xmlns:ns0="urn:soap.test:Vendor">

<ns1:Vendor s:type="y:string">0006000330</ns1:Vendor>

<ns1:CompanyCOde s:type="y:string" />



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You can even get rid of the namespace also if you want. Check this weblog for this:


Also see Question 12 Integration engine in Michals weblog: