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Web Service in 6.20 - SICF/Logon Information

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Hello all. Hopefully I am putting this question into the correct area.

We are currently running on a WAS 6.20/SAP 4.7 environment. I have created an RFC and found the WSDL for this module.

In a 6.40 environment, I was able to generate the Proxy and call the Web Service successfully. I did get a prompt to login to the 6.20 system.

We need to be able to secure this web service because it is going to contain HR Data such as SSN#s and Credit Card Numbers. What is the best way to call this web service to avoid having to manually enter the user id and password?



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Thanks for the response. Our requirements for this have changed since I have posted my message.

Originally they were going to try and use a 6.40 ABAP system for this call. Now they are going to develop this application in a non-SAP java environment. So now I think it gets a little more difficult. I have looked at the links you sent me and found some additional information so here are some follow up questions.

1. I have looked at using X.509 certificates. Is it possible to have a certificate that is assigned to just this particular RFC that is going to be called as a Web Service? I don't want to assign it to the entire 6.20 environment due to the nature of the data?

2. The RFC Web Service is going to be called in a background process. So there will not be a user manually running this. Is there anything I need to consider for this?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


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you have a WebAS 6.20 system where the webservice (RFC) lies. and you are calling this from a WebAS6.40 system Right?

in this case, you can

1. set up sso between two systems

(serach SDN weblogs, there are many weblogs on this topic)


2. set up trust relationship between two system