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Web Service Commit (BAPI inside out)

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Hi all,

I want to use update BAPI through web service which made by Web Service Wizard.

I know we usually have to use BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT to commit.

Can I call single web service with commit?

I found optional configrations in Service Definision (TR- SE80).

"Configration" Tab=>"Operation Profile".

commit hundling

tranaction hudling

It seems we can commit without BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.

I tried several options but it didn't work.

And I could find any document in and SDN like


1) We want to use BAPI without rapping.

2) We want to use Web Service Wizard for BAPI/RFC web service generation.


ERP6.0 NW7.0(SP18)



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Answers (2)

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When the web service is made for the BAPI to update, through the wizard,

1) the endpoint should be selected as BAPI after giving the service name and short text

2) Next scree, choose the application and the BAPI you need for update

3) On the next screen, you have the option to add BAPI commit function to the existing list of methods. There is a pushbutoon which appears at the bottom of the table - BAPI Commit/Rollback

So, the we service will have the BAPI commit included along with the update BAPI. So you need to invoke only one webservice from your end.

Hope this helps!!



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In the Web Service configuration tab, Commit handling is in display mode in our system.

In most BAPIs, SAP has delivered TEST import parameter, RETURN export parameter and Explicit Enhancement Spot at the end of the code. You may create an implementation in enhancement mode( SE37) by clicking the Spiral icon and then saving your code in your package. Then activate the implementation in SE19. The 'Commit' or 'Rollback' may be based on TEST and RETURN parameters.

Your can continue to use your existng Web Service definition.