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Web Service and config Service Provider?

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Hello experts,

i posted my request in the sub-forum ESR without any answer, maybe the wrong sub.

I hope Process Integeration can help me:

My issue:

I created a service interface in ESR (SAP Process Integration 7.1) for a Third-Application.

My Web Service (Service Interface) needs an endpoint therefore and i would config a

service provider in SOAMANAGER, such as SAP HELP:

I started SOAMANAGER on my SAP PI Server, gone to Business Administration - Web Service Administration and searched my Web Service. The Serach Engine didn't find my web service.

Can anybody help me, i already have activated the objects in ESR. Thanks a lot

Yours faithfully


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You need to publish your webservice on SERVICE REGISTRY first.

Otherwise you wont be able to see it in webservice administration.