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Web interface Builder (BPS Layouts)

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I have 3 variables on the web interface layout for BPS.

1) Next fiscal year

2) Planning version

3) Posting level

The user wants to be able to enter multiple values in the posting level variable. Can anyone please help and give me inputs on how can i set the posting level variable so that the user can enter multiple values in it and display the rest of the data on the web layout accordingly.



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Hello Urmi,

There are two cases to be considered when you wish your user to give/assign more than one value for variable.

1) If these values fall under some range, it is possible to display the layout filtered with these selections. For this you could provide two variables in the BSP-Selection section and in the BPS layout you would use a variable to type exit to read in the low and high values (that the user has selectedin BSP Page). In this way you could filter the contents of the layout with the multiple values for the "Posting level".

2) If you wish your user to input different values, then you have to provide "n" variables in the layout and read them in the exit variable! This method of reading user input is not adviced! Nevertheless, if you try solution described for first case, potentially in the range there could be "posting level" value(s) that was not wished.

Hence from my point of view the second case is not possible to implement easily!

Hope this helps!