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Web IDE sub menus not appearing

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Hello I use Web IDE personal 1.53.1 trial on Win10 64 bit.

I was indeed able to 1) import app 2) create extended app 3) deploy extended app
So far, so good.

The problem I am facing is that "often" Web IDE loses the ability to display the submenus. Whether I click on the top menu bar, or via right click on the projects, none of the submenus for New/Import/Run/Git/Deploy would open. The problem is not reproducible. When this happens, I try all the usual stuff:

- refresh
- restart orion and browser, login/logout
- clear all browser history/cookies/whatever
- try different browsers

Frustratingly, "sometimes" this helps, sometimes not.

I add a screen shot of orion console, maybe somebody can spot a problem (What about those 'processLocks??)

Thanks for any hint


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Just an update... on right-clicking the affected menu, I see following exception in development console:

Core-preload.js:44 Error: Unhandled error: A promise was rejected with a value diffirent from Error and the rejection was not handled. The rejection reason is: {

"name": "ParseException",

"message": "Invalid JSON Format: Unexpected token , in JSON at position 346",

"silent": false


at Core-preload.js:44

(anonymous) @ Core-preload.js:44

r @ Core-preload.js:43

r._settlePromiseFromHandler @ Core-preload.js:42

r._settlePromise @ Core-preload.js:42

r._settlePromise0 @ Core-preload.js:42

r._settlePromises @ Core-preload.js:42

r._drainQueue @ Core-preload.js:41

r._drainQueues @ Core-preload.js:41

drainQueues @ Core-preload.js:41

Promise resolved (async)

r @ Core-preload.js:42

r._queueTick @ Core-preload.js:41

a @ Core-preload.js:41

l.hasDevTools.r.settlePromises @ Core-preload.js:41

r._fulfill @ Core-preload.js:42

r._resolveCallback @ Core-preload.js:42

(anonymous) @ Core-preload.js:42

t.onload @ Core-preload.js:41

a.dispatch @ Core-preload.js:43

a.handleEvent @ Core-preload.js:44

t @ Core-preload.js:44

XMLHttpRequest.send (async)

a.send @ Core-preload.js:44

getNetworkState @ Core-preload.js:41

(anonymous) @ Core-preload.js:44

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Hello Fabrizio,

I am having the same issue. Were you able to resolve the problem?


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Hello Ather,

Sorry for the late answer, I was involved in a complete different Project...

Actually the problem just disappeared without any specific action... I have no clue. I hope this happened to you as well.