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Web IDE Full Stack error; no longer asking for git credentials

We use a corporate instance of GitLab, connected through our cloud connector to cloud web IDE. It was working until this week. Since we use an HTTPS connection it always asked for credentials at the start of the session. This week it no longer asks for credentials and gives us the following error.

Fetch request failed. https://[username]@gitlab.[corporateaddress]/[projectpath].git: git-upload-pack not permitted

I could try using SSH instead of HTTPS but would like to know why HTTPS is failing, whether there was an update to the Web IDE, and if so where can I see that information?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have no idea what changed but after not asking for two hours this morning, it just asked me for my credentials. Subsequently everything works. I did not even refresh the page between attempts (although I tried this multiple times before posting the question). If you're looking at this post with the same issue, I'm sorry, and good luck.

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