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WEB IDE error when trying to Build HANA view


Hello Experts,

I'm trying to import my HANA views from SAP HANA studio(Via SAP Marketing Cloud Metadata) to WebIDE trial account, however when I'm getting below error when I'm trying to build the views.

I followed below steps

1. Created the Trail account of WEB IDE, got the organization and space details.
2. Subscribed to services of WEB IDE and SAP Application Business development Studio.
3. With the DEV space I created the HANA instance and data lake and started the instances.
4. In the WEB IDE full stack editor, imported the metadata which I downloaded from Marketing Cloud.
5. Then I'm trying to Build the database, and I'm getting below error for HDI container connectivity.

Can you please suggest what could I be missing here or provide me a guide to follow to establish the connectivity and import/build the new HANA view.

Govinda Parate

4:31:19 PM (Executor) The "task for hdb build" process started. 4:31:19 PM (Executor) Started the "task for hdb build" provision. 4:31:29 PM (Provision) Service provisioning for module: "/db" 4:31:29 PM (Provision) No service instance will be created for the 'cross-container-service-1' resource of the 'org.cloudfoundry.existing-service' type. 4:31:29 PM (Provision) Service instance 'SMCQMETADATA-hdidb-S00XXXXXXX-worZ8vUDnMHs/nWG7I5' for resource 'SMCQMETADATA-hdidb-S00XXXXXXX-worZ8vUDnMHs/nWG7I5' already exists, no operation will be performed. 4:31:32 PM (Executor) Starting process: "cd /projects/SMCQ_METADATA/db; export DEVX_MTA_RESOLVED_PLACEHOLDERS="{\"services\":[{\"platformName\":\"SMCQMETADATA-hdidb-S00XXXXXXX-worZ8vUDnMHs/nWG7I5\",\"resourceName\":\"cross-container-service-1\",\"resourceProperties\":{\"SERVICE_REPLACEMENTS\":[{\"key\":\"ServiceName_1\",\"service\":\"SMCQMETADATA-hdidb-S0011654457-worZ8vUDnMHs/nWG7I5\"}]},\"resourceType\":\"org.cloudfoundry.existing-service\",\"serviceKeyName\":\"SharedDevKey\",\"serviceTarget\":{\"endpoint\":\"\",\"org\":\"e9a590e1trial\",\"space\":\"dev\"}},{\"platformName\":\"SMCQMETADATA-hdidb-S0011654457-worZ8vUDnMHs/nWG7I5\",\"resourceName\":\"hdi_db\",\"resourceProperties\":{\"TARGET_CONTAINER\":\"SMCQMETADATA-hdidb-S00XXXXXXX-worZ8vUDnMHs/nWG7I5\"},\"resourceType\":\"\",\"serviceKeyName\":\"SharedDevKey\",\"serviceTarget\":{\"endpoint\":\"\",\"org\":\"e9aXXXXe1trial\",\"space\":\"dev\"}}]}"; export CF_HOME=/projects/.webide/cf/c3cc0f4615019f111a40e243f3bff755; export DEVX_MTA_HDI_BUILD_OPTIONS="{\"IsSelectiveBuild\":false,\"SelectedFiles\":[],\"IsSimulateBuild\":false,\"AdditionalOptions\":{\"migrationtable-development-mode\":false}}"; export PROJECT_PATH=/projects/SMCQ_METADATA/db; mkdir -p $CF_HOME/.cf/plugins/ && cp -u $CF_PLUGIN_PATH/config.json $CF_HOME/.cf/plugins/config.json 2>/dev/null || :;hdi-space-builder build -f /usr/local/resources/hdi-space-builder/manifest.yaml" 4:31:32 PM (HDB) Executing Build command: 4:31:32 PM (HDB) HDI BUILDER VERSION:1.1.8-20200610150748 4:31:32 PM (HDB) temp folder created at: /tmp/hdispacebuilder086728321 4:31:32 PM (HDB) Starting pre-hdiBuild operations... 4:31:35 PM (HDB) Creating module zip... 4:31:35 PM (HDB) module directory is: /projects/SMCQ_METADATA/db 4:31:35 PM (HDB) executing NPM script at: /projects/SMCQ_METADATA/db 4:31:35 PM (HDB) zipping folder..... 4:31:36 PM (HDB) zip created at: /tmp/hdispacebuilder086728321/ 4:31:47 PM (HDB) connection to hdi deployer passed 4:31:47 PM (HDB) No protocol version provided, using the latest version: 1.0.0 4:31:47 PM (HDB) Log id: 215cae323e1099a1ff63acbbaeee20545eff23fd 4:31:47 PM (HDB) Using protocol version 1.0.0 4:31:47 PM (HDB) FILE TRANSFER READY 4:31:47 PM (HDB) File transfer completed successfully: Checksums match. 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Requested version of @sap/hdi-deploy is 3.7.0, found in package.json. 4:31:48 PM (HDB) You're not using the latest available version of @sap/hdi-deploy. You might want to consider upgrading to version 3.11.10. 4:31:48 PM (HDB) @sap/hdi-deploy, version 3.7.0 (mode default), server version unknown (, node version 8.12.0 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Detection of server version failed; root cause: Could not connect to any host: [ - socket hang up ] Using service replacements from environment variable "SERVICE_REPLACEMENTS" with 1 replacements 4:31:48 PM (HDB) No ignore file at /tmp/hdi-space-deploy-42pcAbNZL8bok4-content/.hdiignore. 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Collecting files... 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Collecting files... ok (0s 15ms) 4:31:48 PM (HDB) 147 directories collected 676 files collected 0 reusable modules collected Target service: SMCQMETADATA-hdidb-S00XXXXXXX-worZ8vUDnMHs/nWG7I5 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Processing grants files... 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Processing grants files... ok (0s 1ms) 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Preprocessing files... 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Preprocessing files... ok (0s 8ms) 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Connecting to the container "SMCQ_METADATA_HDI_DB_1"... 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Deployment to container SMCQ_METADATA_HDI_DB_1 failed - error: Could not connect to any host: [ - socket hang up ] [depId]. 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Error: Could not connect to any host: [ - socket hang up ] 4:31:48 PM (HDB) (0s 276ms) 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Deployment failed with exit code: 1 4:31:48 PM (HDB) STRUCTURED LOG CHECKSUM d20e894e94275403302710faa68e1ed9a354e76e0353797fd884fcddcfa913e1 4:31:48 PM (HDB) STRUCTURED LOG SIZE723 4:31:48 PM (HDB) SENDING STRUCTURED LOG 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Ended because of error: Deployment failed with exit code: 1 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Build command failed : hdi-build operation failed: Deployment failed with exit code: 1 4:31:48 PM (HDB) Build of /SMCQ_METADATA/db failed due to The "task for hdb build" process finished with code 1.

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Hello wniedermaier, ekaterina_ponorets,

Do you still face the same issue?

Best Regards,


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Hello kunalkumar.bansal. We faced the issue while hdbtables folder building. In our case problem was in the incorrect export of DD07V.hdbview. With the help of SAP Support we corrected syntax of this view and the error gone.

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Is this the solution??? Delete and try it new???

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Hello. You can find more information about problems in Web IDE here:

It helped me a lot.

Regards, Ekaterina Ponorets