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Web Dynpro Mobile - Application stops loading

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Hello experts,

I am developing a application for Web Dynpro Mobile.

It is working on my PocketPC Emulator, but when I want to test it on a HTC Smartphone with Pocket Internet Explorer, the Application is not loading propperly.

That means, that all UI Elements are displayed, then the Progress Icon appears and goes round a few times.

After that, the Progress Icon stands still and that's it, I can't click any buttons or drop down boxes.

I am using the UI Elements Button, DropDownByIndex and a Image Container.

The special thing is, that I am creating the Image for the Image Container dynamically.

But when loading the page, the image appears before it hangs up.

It is also quite strange, that the Pocket IE is loading the page, which is about 800kb big (the image I am creating has around 13kb), so it seems the Pocket IE is not loading the mobile version of the page!?

When I am using Opera, it is also loading the large version, but it is working.

Can anybody help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance and

best regards


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for UI Elements Button, DropDownByIndex and a Image Container blackberry works fine.

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Hi Nikhil,

that's good news.