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Web Dynpro -Make a cell in a table to read only based on a condition

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Hi Experts,

We a have requirment to make a cell read only based on a condition in a webdynpro application.

For example: Consider a table having 2 columns Name and number.

if in the name column if the name is 'Requestor' and in the number column if the number is '5678', We need to make the number column as read only.

Early response will be really appreciated.



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you can achieve it by adding one more attribute to the node used as the data source for the table.

add this attribute say

name - 'READ_PRO'

type - wdy_boolean

when you are filling the node by binding it to one internal table using the bind_table( ) method.

loop on this table and check for the value of name and number and then make the correspodning value of the attribute

equal to true or false as per the requirement.

now bind the read only porperty of cell editor of the column for which you want to control the read only property.

this will do the required


sarbjeet singh