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Web Dynpro Java

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I am new to Web Dynpro Java. Can anyone give me some basic information about Web Dynpro Java?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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You Go Through SDN And Learn Basic Webdynpro For Java in UI Technology Or Development.

Elearning Webdynpro For Java

Articles On Webdynpro For Java

Blogs On Webdynpro For Java

Wiki's On Webdynpro For Java

Documentation On Webdynpro

Points Are Welcome


SubbaRao Chinta

Answers (8)

Answers (8)

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Useful information

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Hi Viral Patel ,

The following r excellent websites containing PDF & PPT docs on webdynpro java:

Getting Started with Web Dynpro Java

Web Dynpro Java Foundation u2013 What's new in SAP NetWeaver 2004S

Developing Java Applications using Web Dynpro Configuration Scenario

SAP Web Dynpro Overview

Web Dynpro General Concepts

Web Dynpro

Web Dynpro Architecture

Web Dynpro User Interface Design

How-to add a custom Web Dynpro iView to the MSS Employee Profile (ECC 6.0)

Integrating Web Dynpro and SAP NetWeaver Portal Part 1: Creating Web Dynpro-Based Portal Content

The Structural Concepts of Web Dynpro Components

Web Dynpro:Context Mapping & Model Binding

Web Dynpro:Getting Involved

All Web Dynpro Articles



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Hi ,

for start point this is the best link i got from sdn please go thru it


Regards ,

venkat p

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Hi viral,

Go through the following thread for information in wdjava

Go through the following documents for step by step procedure for developing an application in wdjava.

the following document will give you some idea of webdynpro concepts

The following document gives some introduction in nwds

the following document will give you some idea of WAS concepts

It will be better if u get the concepts of webdynpro first this will help u in developing applications in both java and abap platforms

If you require any more information do post



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Go through the following links to pursue Web Dynpro.....

The following links will give you introduction to Web Dynpro:

The following link will give you basics of how to build applications in Web Dynpro:

Following link is the comprehensive link for numerous tutorials on Web Dynpro from SDN itself:

Following are some threads where you can get links to practice examples on Web Dynpro:

/thread/358673 [original link is broken]

/thread/353819 [original link is broken]

Also see:



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Hi Viral,

Go through this thread. Just few minutes back it was post. So please kindly try searching before you post.



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