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Web Dynpro Java Application with Web Module

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Hi Experts,

I'm developing a WD Java App that integrates with external applications. I've no problem in sending and retreaving data in a synchronous manner via input/output stream to the external servlet.

Now the problem is this: I need to receive data sent by the other application servlet and I don't know how to do it with WD Java (this is a one way communication, different from the ones I described before).

This external application sends the same message (the one I don't know how to handle) to other applications in the same fashion as it gets data: via servlet to servlet communication.

Is it possible to have a web module inside my WD Java App??

In another words, how can I use a servlet within a WD Java App??

Please help!

Thanks in advance.


Osvaldo Silva

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check this link

yes you can use servlets in webdynpro hava , there is j2ee perspective where you can develop the

servlet , jsp or ejb application , there is web module present there , you can even call those

application in the webdynrpo perspective , there is exit plug o portal eventing availble

that could call the application in the webdynpro , or the other way of exposing the application

as webservice and then calling the application in the webdynrpo perspective ,

there are many documents present in SDN , explaining about ther web module project

and then exposing it in the webdynpro .

check this link on creating web project

and web module project