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Web Dynpro classes in J2EE library?

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Hi there folks,

I've created a J2EE library project, containing a JAR file from a standard Java utility project in NetWeaver Developer Studio (SP11).

Now I can use the classes of my J2EE library project from within a Web Dynpro project - so far so good.

But the classes in the JAR file referenced from the J2EE library project uses classes from the Web Dynpro runtime, and when the Web Dynpro actually uses these classes, the classloader can't seem to find the Web Dynpro runtime classes.

A hack is to bypass the J2EE library project, and use the JAR file directly in the Web Dynpro project, but that solution is ugly and hence only temporary.

Does anyone know how to reference the Web Dynpro runtime classes from within a J2EE library project?

Thanks in advance,

Henrik, Invendium A/S

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If I understand your problem correctly, you will need to

reference the webdynpro library.

In Netweaver Dev Studio goto your appplication-j2ee-engine.xml file -> Tab General ->References add -> Select library/interface/service and select the webdynpro library.



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Place the .jar file under Project\lib folder and deploy the application.

Regards, Anilkumar

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Thanks, but my problem is not to use the classes in the jar file, but to let the classes of the jar file use the web dynpro runtime.

1: If I let the jar file stay in the j2ee library project, and reference that from the web dynpro project, the web dynpro runtime can't be found from the classes in the jar file, but

2: If I put the jar file directly in the web dynpro project, the classes in the jar file is able to find the classes of the web dynpro runtime.

So the problem is still there, it seems to be a classloader/project reference issue? It must be possible to reference the web dynpro runtime from a j2ee library project, without actually including the web dynpro jar files in the j2ee library?