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Web Dynpro automatically activate service after transport

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Hi all!

Well - I've searched SDN. I've read notes. I googled. I can't seem to find exactly what I want. When a web dynpro component transports it automatically activates in the new system. However, the application creates an ICF entry. That "service" does not automatically activate. I can go to SICF and activate, but I don't want to do that in all the systems. Nor do I have the authority in all systems.

Everything I've read on SDN seems to point to the fact that it can't be automatically activated. The notes that I've read seem to piont to the fact that it can be activated automatically with the correct Basis settings.

When the application is created it automatically creates a "service" in http:server//sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/application. Maybe it should be in a custom namespace?

Anyway I'm stuck - any help you could provide would be great. I'm on ECC 6.0.

I've already read these notes that seem like they would help:





I can activate the service manually. It just isn't something that I'd like to do.

This may not be the correct forum, but as it relates directly to WDA, I thought I'd give it a try here.

Thank you!


I've looked at these threads:

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In my case we developers don't have a P-User and the transports are automatically imported into P via solution manager.

Is there a guideline how to handle this problem? Any automatism possible?

Hoping for an answer

Uwe (@se38)

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In one system landscape I work in, we use RSICF_SERVICE_ACTIVATION with a variant to activates any inactive nodes within a certain naming standard. We then schedule this program to run automatically as a background job at the end of the transport event.

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Thank you Thomas.

Will forward this suggestion to our basis team.

Uwe (@se38)

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Hi Thomas,

I just want to add that a user who creates this variant, still needs authorization for Tcode SICF. But you're right, this could be done ones for a range of services.



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You need to create an entry in table ICFINSTACT via SM30 to the program variant  RSICF_SERVICE_ACTIVATION. This entry should be adjusted to your solution.