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Web Dynpro application does not apply portal theme

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Hi Guys,

We created a new portal theme and assigned it to our users. The portal desktop gets assigned succesfully and portal applications also show the new theme colors. But all web dynpro pages still show in the blue SAP theme. This issue only occurs on our development portal, when we import the same theme on our test portal is all works fine.

I also tried to assign the WebDynpro parameters "sap.useWebDynproStyleSheet" and "sap.theme.default" and then the web dynpro applications are indeed forced into the portal theme. However, that is no soluition since all web dynpro applications then use the theme including SAP applications like the NetWeaver Administrator.

We looked at OSS note '1446099 - Web Dynpro application not displayed

in customer theme' but the stylesheets are not different.

sap portal sytlesheet: UR=

Web Dynpro Style sheet: UR Version=

The portals in which the theme does work have the same stylesheet versions as mentioned above.

We also created an OSS message for this so if we solve it that way I will update this message. But if there is anyone on this forum that might have an idea that it would be highly appreciated. If the problem takes too long to solve we will perform a refresh from a portal that works but I hope that we will be able to find the reason of this behavior.

Kind Regards,

Nico van der Linden...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In theory, these versions should work correctly.

You can compare the patch levels applied on your dev portal and test portal - specifically compare the version/patch for the component EPPSERV*.SCA - and see if you have any differences there.



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