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Web Dynpro ABAP in SAP E-Recruiting

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We just imported SP8 for our SAP E-Recruiting 6.0. SP8 offers Web Dynpro ABAP as candidate UI. One question we have is how WD pages incorporated for recruiters who still use BSP pages. For example, when a recruiter logs into E-Recruiting and finds a specific candidate, he/she can click on "Candidate Profile" to get to that candidate's pages. In BSP technology, recruiter actually uses exactly the same pages that candidate uses for Work Experience, Education, etc.. With candidate UI using WD technology, does recruiter use the same WD pages when displaying candidate profile information? I have been searching all the possible places, such as IMG, SICF, in order find a spot so that I can set the switch on, but so far unsuccessful.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi ,

We have a requirment to replace the BSP iview in portal for candidates with the new WD abap pages for candidates with Erecruting SP8 is this possible and all these applications are WD ABAP or WD JAVA because when i go to Spro and see the service they show as Webdynpro java applications.



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Hi Li ,

At best of my understanding in WD ABAP , its possible to make one WebDynpro page serving same purpose ( showing profile deatils ) visible for manty( Candidate , as well as Recruiter ) ....

I would like to know what exactly you want from web Dynpro ..then I will be in better position to tell you.

FYI ...

1) Web Dynpro ABAP

As the name suggests Web Dynpro for ABAP uses exactly the same meta model as its cousin Web Dynpro for Java. A Web Dynpro component, a Web Dynpro view, a Web Dynpro model, a Web Dynpro controller have the same semantics both for ABAP and Java. The main difference is the designtime environment, the development infrastructure and the runtime environment.

The designtime environment is properly embedded in the ABAP Workbench where Web Dynpro artifacts are simply a new category like BSP applications or classical dynpro based applications before. Also no surprises regarding the development infrastructure. The correction and transport system keeps track on all changes that are done, versions them and helps to propagate the Web Dynpro application from development to production like you would do with ordinary BSP or dynpro-based applications.

Last not least the execution platform is the ABAP server that produces application content ready to be integrated in the NetWeaver Portal seamlessly. Features like portal eventing can be used between applications written in ABAP or applications developed with Java.

2 ) I can give you links that can help you a lot.

First of all start doing SAP SDN tutorials .

Create some compenents with BAPI , Component usage and ALV .


Try to Download demo tutorials from SDN library & Try to search WebDynpro ABAP WebLogs .

Wait not just that SAP has provided you with ample demo example of WD ABAP already bundled with SAP . Just Try out Components starting with WDR . I can tell you few like WDR_TEST_EVENTS ( It shows how every UI elments to use )

See packages like SWDP_DEMO , SALV_WD_DEMO

there are many more .




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Hi Parry,

Thanks very much for your reply. The links and tips you provided are all about WD development. Right now, I do have a lot of these information. But I am specifically interested in WD in SAP E-Recruiting, i.e., making candidate UI Web Dynpro pages available to not only candidates, but all other staffing members who have appropriate access to candidate profile information, such as recruiters. The release note for SP8 (note 1017866) does not give any details on how this can be done, it doesn't even mention the topic. All it says is that WD pages are available for candidate UI.

You said at the beginning of your reply, it is possible to make one WD page serving the same purpose. Does it mean that we have to make modifications in SAP delivered program, or there is a way to do it through configuration?



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Hi Li,

we are Using WebDynpro in e-recruiting too and as far as i know there is no way to use the WebDynrpo for recruiters or managers.

Web Dynpro is only used for Kandidates at this moment.

Have you managed to create impl. component-configurations for views that are correct shown in the startapplication? We have some problem there at the moment....