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Web Dynpro ABAP coding without using code wizard

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Hi All,

I am a beginner in Web Dynpro ABAP, while practising WDA examples(tutorials) that I found in SDN & some other forums, I noticed that they had used 'code wizard' for generating the ABAP code, but actually as i am a WDA learner i want to do it my self, so please suggest me the right path to learn WDA without using 'Code Wizard'.



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Hi Balu,

I commend you for wanting to learn the nuts and bolts of WDA! You might enjoy Thomas Jung's video series, Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP eLearning Series. which gives an excellent introduction to developing in WDA.

The code wizard is designed to relieve the developer of some of the more repetitive tasks in developing WDA, but if you want to understand what it is the code wizard is generating for you, the best way is probably to use the code wizard and then take time to read and understand what code it has generated.