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Web Dispatcher with SSL termination for EP

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Hi All,

I want to configure SAP Web Dispatcher (installed on windows) for SSL

termination scenario. I did all the configuration steps, SSL Basic,

SSL termination steps without Metadata Exchange scenario.

But , when i am trying to access the portal using "<b>

https://<DispatcherHost>:<Port>/irj/portal</b>", its giving <b>page

can not be displayed</b> error

<i>This is how the profile file of the dispatcher looks like,</i>

                                  • profile file **************

  1. Profile generated by sapwebdisp bootstrap

  1. unique instance number


  1. Accessibility of Message Servers

rdisp/mshost = <portal server>

ms/http_port = 8101

  1. SAP Web Dispatcher Parameter

wdisp/auto_refresh = 120

wdisp/max_servers = 100

wdisp/shm_attach_mode = 6

  1. configuration for large scenario

icm/max_conn = 16384

icm/max_sockets = 16384

icm/req_queue_len = 6000

icm/min_threads = 100

icm/max_threads = 250

mpi/total_size_MB = 500

mpi/max_pipes = 21000

#maximum number of concurrent connections to one server

wdisp/HTTP/max_pooled_con = 2000

wdisp/HTTPS/max_pooled_con = 2000

  1. SAP Web Dispatcher Ports

  2. SAP Web Dispatcher Web Administration

icm/HTTP/admin_0 = PREFIX=/sap/wdisp/admin,DOCROOT=./admin

icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTPS,PORT=5000

icm/server_port_1 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=0

icm/HTTPS/verify_client = 0




wdisp/ssl_encrypt = 0

wdisp/add_client_protocol_header = true

                                  • profile file **************

After modifying the profile file, restarting the dispatcher gives the

following information in the command prompt,

                          • Information in command prompt *******

D:\SAP_SSL\sapwebdisp\sapwebdisp pf=sapwebdisp.pfl

**Warning: Could not start service 5000 for protocol HTTPS on host

<hostname>" <on all adapters>

*SAP Web Dispatcher up and operational <pid: 1700>*

                          • Information in command prompt *******

What may be problem? Did i miss out any steps ?

Please help !



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Stupid question: your portal HTTP port really is 8101?

I used the Web Dispatcher SSL termination on BW, not portal, but your set-up looks like mine (which worked) with only minor differences:

1) I used the small scenario:

  1. configuration for small scenario

icm/max_conn = 100

icm/max_sockets = 1024

icm/req_queue_len = 300

icm/min_threads = 5

icm/max_threads = 15

mpi/total_size_MB = 20

#maximum number of concurrent connections to one server

wdisp/HTTP/max_pooled_con = 100

wdisp/HTTPS/max_pooled_con = 100

Perhaps you are having a memory or thread problem, and rerunning the bootstrap that way could get it to run?

2) My DIR_INSTANCE is one directory up from yours, i.e.,


3) wdisp/add_client_protocol_header = true

I don't have that param. Try removing it?

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Hi Sean,

Thanks for your reply.

Yah the portal HTTP port is 8101, thats for sure

1) I just created the profile for large system for testing, i am running the dispatcher on a 512MB machine. Will it lead to a memory problem??

Anyways, i changed the profile with the values you have mentioned but still the same error in the command promt while rerunning the bootstrap.....

2) The document says, the variable DIR_INSTANCE should point to the <b>secudir</b> folder, but in your case its one level up...Why so??

I changed this value also, no luck

3) Tried removing the entry, still the same problem

Please help me !!