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web dispatcher, its and portal

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I have EP6 sp13, its 620 sp9, and sap r3 4.7 200. We have implemented sso among portal, its and backend r3 systems.

What I want to do is that both internet and intranet users can run transactional iviews pointing to backend r/3 in the corparate intranet or url iviews pointing to some intranet web servers.

In the current configuration, internet users can not run the iviews because their computers try to reach into intranet from internet. Another reason may be that iviews contain internal ip numbers of the backend systems.

So I have installed a web dispatcher running on a machine in DMZ, but I don't know how to configure it. Web dispatcher directly communicates with message server http port. There is no parameter for its as far as I see.

What must be the parameters of web dispatcher to succeed the above scenario?

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web dispatcher is NOT intended to be used with ITS. Anyway there is a possiblitly to subsitute the message server with a text file, which might work for ITS. This method was developed for J2EE 6.20 and is documented for J2EE 6.20. May be you can use it similiar for ITS. May be it is worth to check first if it is supported in case you run into trouble.



PS: If you search for this feature, it is known as workload distribution or isolde.