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Web AS 6.40 upgrade to SP11 - Patches of patches

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Can anyone explain what I should do If I find that one of the patches seems to have been patched itself?

Do I apply the latest patch of the patch and ignore previous versions or do I need to apply them in cronological order?

e.g. When applying SP11 I find that for SP11 there seem to be 2 relevant files:

-TREX 6.1 SP11 (252087kb)

-TREX 6.1 SP11 Patch2 (103582Kb)

The fact that the second patch is smaller than the first implies to me that I might need to apply both of them, rather than the second being a fixed version of the first.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I forgot to mention that my example was regarding upgrading TREX from SP9 to SP11 only.

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Yes that is correct you need to have SP11 first.

Check the contents of SAP Note : 836751

836751 - Update to TREX 6.1 SP11 Patch2


You want to update to TREX 6.1 SP11 Patch2

Other terms

upgrade, update

Reason and Prerequisites

Make sure you have installed TREX 6.1 SP11 or higher, as this version is prerequisite for updating to TREX 6.1 SP11 Patch2 (Version


Look for TREX version in <%SAP_RETRIEVAL_PATH%>/doc/TREXVersion.html. The version after this update is

Download Procedure

For details of the download and installation/update procedure see the Support Package Stack Guide:"SAP NetWeaver 04 Support Package Stack 11".You will find this guide on SAP Service Marketplace: -> Operations

Solved issues with this patch

Apache Web server deadlock in case of federated search

Filter timeout

Determinating of filter processes after shutdown of TREX services.

Known issues on Win2003

An index can not be created on some Win2003 platforms. The operation finishes with return code 2030. The TREXIndexServer trace contains an exception: Can not create AllConfig for ... Preliminary Solution: PLease grant the user runs TREX with administrator permissions and restart the TREX services (SAP note 798575)

Known issues on UNIX

The check and deploy is not working in TREXAmin tool. (SAP note 782811).

(Only AIX) TREX services not started on AIX (SAP note 788775).

Hope that helps.



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