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web as 6.20 Installation

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Dear frds,

I pPurchased " web programming with sap web application server " from sap press and i got 3 cds of sapminiwebas.

As per the softwere requirements we should have >5gb free space... to install the application.

But, on my laptop configuration is 30 gb divided into 2 drives c of 10 gb and d of 20 gb.I already used >6 gb space for other applications.. so iwas left with only 3 gb on c drive and >10 gb on d drive.

When i tried to install this softwere every thing is going into c drive ( default drive)..and at he end ( when reading 3 rd cd ) it is prompting low disk space ... Is there any way to install this on d drive .. where can i change so that i can run the application...

If you have any solution please help me out...

Thanking you in advance,

Hari Cahran Dingari,

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Answers (1)

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Hi there, the best thing to do is copy the 3 cd's to your hard drive then you can find under the install directory some XML files in those files you'll see where it goes to c:\MiniWAS you just change that to d:\MiniWAS and run the install.

Also check out my weblog for more info: /people/sap.user72/blog/2004/12/08/mini-me-of-was-620-the-saga-continues