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we need to implement business logic in Sender Rest adapter Dynamic URL

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We have cloud to cloud integration requirement where we need to implement business logic in Sender Rest Adapter Dynamic URL.


1. Is there anyway to create timestamp format for UNIX epoch time.

Below are the details:

ZENDESK to C4C Scenario requirement:

SAP PI system has to fetch the tickets from Zendesk by passing URL with dynamic data. The dynamic URL will be based on business logic to derive the timestamp value using Unix Epoch Time & Current Date Time in the sender REST adapter.

Business Logic of REST Seder adapter dynamic URL as follows:

Timestamp (in seconds) Unix epoch time - current time Unix epoch (Fixed) Jan 1st 1970 00:00:00 Current Date Time (Variable) Feb 15 2017 10:00:00 Timestamp value (Unix epoch - current time) 1487120000 seconds

Example URL: https://<host-name>{start_time=1481346079}

UNIX epoch time is in the brackets of example URL.

Scenario end to end business requirement:

  • ØSAP PI have to fetch the tickets from ZENDESK system based on UNIX epoch time using REST Seder Adapter.
  • ØSAP PI receives data from ZENDESK and pass the Data to C4C system.
  • ØC4C receives data from SAP PI and sends response after posting ZENDESK data into C4C.
  • ØSAP PI Receives C4C response and post the C4C update to ZENDESK using Rest service.

SAP PI Limitation to implement business logic:

  • We need to implement business logic in sender REST adapter to post the URL dynamically with UNIX epoch time. As per our knowledge it is not possible to implement business logic in Sender Adapter side.
  • We can pass dynamic URL at Rest receiver with business logic based on transformation. But not possible in sender side.

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