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We are currently at ASE SP03 PL11 Should we move Production ASE to ASE 16 SP04 or SP03 PL14

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We are currently running ASE 16 SP03 PL11 in production.  We have started running  Adaptive Server Enterprise/16.0 SP04 PL04   We have noticed more stack traces in SP04.  What is general opinion moving to  SP04 over higher patch level of SP03 ?   

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There is a serious issue in SP04 PL04  (and SP04 PL03 and SP03 PL12 - PL14) that affects encrypted databases. See SAP note

3400916 - SYB: Potential database corruption and error 605 on encrypted databases

If your database is encrypted make sure you install a version that fixes the issue of SAP note 3400916. 

Personally I suggest to move to SP04 PLx rather sooner than later - SP03 is being phased out - PL15 is the last  PL for SP03 that will be released. 
Wrt to stability I think there is not difference between SP04 and SP03