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WDA Theme missing UI elements styling

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I have successfully used the suggested ways of ensuring a standalone WDA app can apply a css or theme to change the styling to that of the current company portal.

However, when using a search help, the majority of styling is lost. I am assuming that this is because the search help from ECC6 has new elements in it that are not covered from the theme of the NW2004 SP19 portal currently being used.

Therefore, I am assuming that if I import the current company theme into NWDS 7.0 with the appropriate theme editor, the new elements will be available for styling?

If this is so, can I then export the theme and import it into the MIME repository?



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Hi Ian,

not happy with the color blue ? hehehehehe

You can import the theme into the mime repository yes.

Recommended approach. Due to mime buffering on server.

The other aspect may be that the theme structure is different in the latter release

and therefore affecting the popup. (only a GUESS)

Or Framework lost the sap-cssurl parameter on the popup ? hmmmm bug ?

Have you seen... (goto: WebAs -> Eclipse Theme Editor for NW 7.0)

Here is the PDF doco on "How To Edit WebDynpro Themes":