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WDA sharing same component controller for different user ID in same system

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Hi All,

I created a WDC and initialized some of the user data in the component controller WDDOINIT method. For testing purposes i am logging in with two different user id in the same system , when i execute the instance , the initialize method is only being called once for the first user. And strangely i am getting the data of the first user in the application instance of the second user.

I am using a tcode (WDYID and then the application name in se93) rather than URL for testing purposes.
can someone tell me what might be the issue ? or am i missing something here ?


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As said by Rama, definitely your WDDOINIT will be called irrespective of the way you calling for each instance.

Try to check that are you using any condition(If Clause) in your code.



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No condition in WDDOINIT. I have put the external breakpoint at the first executable statement of the code.
In the tcode creation if somehow i can specify to always open in new session(atleast the browser function would work if not the GUI) ?