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WD_Flightlist Create Jco Connections

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Hello Experts,

i'm new to SAP and especially Webdynpro and got some Questions concerning the WD_Flightlist Tutorial. I successfully deployed the Web Dynpro on the Developer Studio. (Have to mention that when i created the Model i could only connect to a single Server and could not select Load Balancing)

After that i wanted to maintain the RFC-Connections as described in the Documentation, so i configured (respectively, tried to configure) the SLD.

I basically followed this Blog though i'm not working with the SneakPreview NetWeaver -> /people/sugree.phatanapherom/blog/2005/08/14/configuring-sld-in-sneak-preview-sap-netweaver-04-sneak

Further on i configured the Visual Administrator and tried to configure Transaction RZ70 and started the Data Collector with an Error: "RFC Aufruf fehlgeschlagen: Fehler beim öffnen einer Rfc Verbindung"

I have Access to a SAP System (Client 100, with User and Pw)

I have Access to the SLD/WebDynpro Content Manager etc.)

In SLD i chose the Technical System Browser and created a WebAS Java Connection on localhost.

When i want to create the Jco Connections i get neither a Message server, nore an Application Server shown in the corresponding dropdown menu.

I'm working on a Single Developer Workplace Java, including NetWeaver Developer. The J2EE - Engine is installed on a local Host (C150, System Name J2E, J2EE InstanceNumber 0)

Basic System:

SAP Web AS 6.40

System Description: ecc50

System ID: ecc

Applicationserver: b017

What am i doing wrong? Am i missing?

Best Regards


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If one destination is correct then second also should correct.

Or otherwise Delete the error destination system create the new Jco destination With the same what u are using in the Application.

this might helps u



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you have to make the entry for your sapmsE01 system in /etc/services, then restart the server

kr, achim

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In SLD you can create the R/3 as a technical system with all the details.

For this u need to import the file and add technical system as with R/3 properties.

And Goto the VA in SLD data supplier add all the properties.

and in RFC settings add all the details r/3 and your portal properties.

it might helps you.



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Hi and thanks for the quick reply,

i already imported and with SLD. I created a Technical System in Technical System Type -> System Landscape Directory and it created the following Entry: "SLD on J2E on c150".

In VA i specified the HTTP Settings and the CIM Client Generation Settings each with:

Host: c150, Port: 50000, User: Administrator, Pw: AdminPw.

What do i have to enter in the RFC Settings as GatewayHost and GatewayService/Port? Do i have to make theese Entrys in SAP and SLD as well?

I fear i don't understand correctly what your mean by Portal Properties? I think my Problem is how to establish a connection between Web Dynpro Content Manager and the SAP System???

Kind Regards


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Hi ,

I mean to say

RFC provider in VA.

Add Program ID u can create in R/3 side using the Gatewayservice:SAPGW00

And add the No of processes set and appserverhost and sysnumber and cliant number.

This R/3 system add the new one not in your current system.

Add the IP of system into ur Host file

And check in contentadmin->webdynpro goto check the SLD and Maintain Jco after creating JCO.

these two are displayed success then only it works.

Make an enrty in




<IP> <alias>

Then it might helps .



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Lohitha M

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hi stefan,

after updating the services and hosts file restart the system.