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WD DC using WD Model DC using EJB DC

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I have a EJB DC (Utility), where i have my xxxCommandBean and other java files.

this EJB DC is used in WD DC (WDUtility). I have created a Bean Model using classes in the ejb dc. i tested this model by creating a comp in the WD DC(WDUtility). I created public parts created for the bean model as described in (page 17)

I added this model dc(WDUtility) in my main WD DC (Contract) from used dc. I can bring the bean model fine. But, when i do the context mapping. i have a error in the IPublicXXXController.

the error cannot be resolved.

But when i include the EJB DC (Utility) also in the used DC of my main WD DC(Contract), this error goes away.

My question: should i be including the EJB DC also in Used DC or am i missing anything?

please guide me...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please see if can get some help from thread.


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