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WD Abap - Firefox and Linux

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Hi Folks,

we are using WD Abap running under Firefox and Linux ( a special modified linux version) on some production-terminals.

We have the problem that our application (which has no timeout and makes a roundtrip fro some reasons every 30 seconds) gets a call - we guess from firefox - so terminate about all 5 minutes or so.

the WD Framework goes into the routine IF_WDR_RUNTIME~HANDLE_EXIT of class CL_WDR_MAIN_TASK .

Does anyone has an idea what the problem could be, even no dumps are available just the application says "timeout of user-session".

kind regards,


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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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What version of Firefox is this exactly? You should check the PAM ( ) to see if that version of Firefox is supported on the version of NetWeaver that you are running. If you look at the PAM there are the full listing of Linux versions that we support as frontend clients and the versions of Firefox that are supported on them. If you combination matches the supported list, then I you could open a support ticket to report the problem.