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WBS element Hierarchy issue

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Hello all,

we have an issue with 0wbs element hierarchy.In bex query the values are getting doubled becz of WBS Element hierarchy nodes can also have values posted against them – so we need to exclude these and let the hierarchy automatically roll-up the values.

wbs element           value

RBID.0007          3,00,000

  RBID.0007          1,00,000

RBID.0007.001       2,00,000

  rbid.0007.001       1,00,000

RBID.0007.001.01   50,000

Here we need to exclude the nodes which are having same wbs element . ex., in the above RBID.0007.001 having two values which gives incorrect data in reporting.

any solution for this? 



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Answers (1)

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issue has been fixed using end routine... we created a char infoobject and inserted it till bex query filter. in filter the value is = X.

Below is the code.

Types: begin of st_hwbselemnt,

            hieid type RSHIEID,

           IOBJNM type RSIOBJNM,

               CHILDID type RSCHILD,

           nodename type RSSHNODENAME,

             end of st_hwbselemnt.

Data :t_hwbselemnt type hashed table of st_hwbselemnt with UNIQUE key


w_hwbselemnt type st_hwbselemnt.

Field-symbols: <RP> TYPE _ty_s_TG_1.

CONSTANTS hier_name type /bi0/hwbs_elemt-hieid value

'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'. give u r hier id. you can get it from hierarchy table.

If RESULT_PACKAGE is not initial.

* read hierarchy table of wbs element

select hieid IOBJNM childid nodename

into table  t_hwbselemnt

from /bi0/hwbs_elemt


iobjnm = '0WBS_ELEMT' and

hieid = hier_name  and

objvers = 'A'.

if t_hwbselemnt is not initial.

*     delete adjacent duplicates from t_hwbselemnt comparing hieid

*     nodename.

     sort t_hwbselemnt by nodename.

endif. " t_hwbselemnt not initial


Loop at RESULT_PACKAGE assigning <rp>.

* read table hierarhcy and search for wbs element child node

     read table  t_hwbselemnt into w_hwbselemnt  with key nodename =


*     childid = <rp>-childid

      if sy-subrc eq 0.

        if w_hwbselemnt-childid is INITIAL.

* mark display  node as X

           <rp>-/bic/ZDISP_NOD = 'X'.

     endif. " Read table


endloop. "Result_package


endif. "Result package