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Watermark Issue in Smartform

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Hi All ,

As per the requirement I need a watermark in the background for print preview . I have been able to get a Watermark Image ..

In the Smartform layout I need to show a table with border in black.

This border gets hidden when i introduce the watermark.

I tried both ways .

1. water mark as backgrnd picture in page.

2. create new overlapping window and attach image.

In either case the borders for the table is hidden

could anyone help me in this regard?

I need the watermark in the background as well as want the layout objects to be printed as specified.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Sridhar,

i have done the exactly same requiremet, in my object.

wht i have done is... the PAGE>righi click>insert-->graphic align the graphic wherevr u want (inserted the Graphic window.. nothing special.. ).

2. inserted the table...with the borders..(<b>for table borders i have selected the line type.. the>selected the topleft icon in table tab</b>)> it is displaying the image as background and the table is displaying with borders).

once try in the above way... the let me know if u have any probem..

f the picture is very dark then> reduce the datkness using any tool like paint>then upload it

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Hi Naresh ,

Thanks for replying . I have created a graphics just as the first node for the page .

After which i have different nodes .. one created a bordered template

and one created a tablew with borders ...

Now my understanding was the nodes are executed in the way they are defined .. I thought the picture would be pasted first and the bordered table and template would be displayed on top

this is not happening .

Could you please tell me where exactly am i going wrong?

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what ever u cateate on ur page... u r will be prionted as back ground...

if i create sm the same...i 'll do this.

1. create graphic 1 node.

2. inset a template...etc..

3.inserty a table... with borders..

it working fine..

can u please wht exactly ur doing in u r layout

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